Carol Burnett Sounds Off on Hollywood Pay Gap

In honor of Women's History Month, the Larry King Now staff is taking a look back at some of the most influential women in entertainment. Today, it's none-other than comedy icon Carol Burnett.

By Kelley Forrester - 'Larry King Now'

Although International Women’s Day has ended, Women’s History Month has barely begun. Throughout the month of March, we celebrate women and their contributions to history and society. Let's take a look back at some of the most groundbreaking women Larry has had on the show.

Back in January, Larry sat down with comedian and actress Carol Burnett - best known for ‘The Carol Burnett Show’ - and discussed the state of comedy today, the Hollywood pay gap, and much more.

The woman who paved the way for sketch comedy and shows like ’Saturday Night Live' surprised Larry when she revealed she had never been on SNL. Burnett said she would like to host the show, but she has never been asked.

When asked about comedian Amy Schumer, Burnett calls her funny and clever and that blue humor is just a “part of today’s thing.” Never a fan of doing stand-up comedy herself, Burnett said, “My love is doing sketches. I wanna lock eyeballs with people. I don’t wanna be up there all alone.”

Weighing in on the Hollywood pay gap, Burnett turned it around on Larry and said, “Wouldn’t it bug you if women got paid more than you did?” She also said that she is bothered by the pay gap and she doesn’t understand why men are still being paid more than women.

Carol Burnett’s career began in the early 1950s when she appeared on various television shows and soon had a recurring role on the ‘Garry Moore Show.’ In 1967, she was given her own show - ‘The Carol Burnett Show’ - that was filled with various sketches and skits. The show aired for 11 seasons. In 2013, Burnett received the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor - one of the greatest honors presented to comedians.

Burnett became the most successful breakout sketch comedian in TV and laid the foundation for future female comedians. She is an influential force in the industry. 'Glee' actress, Jane Lynch was thrilled when Burnett played her mother on the show. "She's probably my first influence. I watched her show every Saturday night as a kid," Lynch said

See what Carol Burnett said about the state of comedy when she appeared on 'Larry King Now.'

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