Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows: The Bullet Club begins

Former NJPW tag team champions Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows members of 'The Bullet Club' debuted and viciously attacked the Uso brothers on Monday Night Raw.

For months now, current NXT champion Finn Balor has been teasing that a group he founded, New Japan Pro Wrestling's 'The Bullet Club", was reuniting inside a WWE ring. Some of the hints were built into his persona, WWE started calling fans of Balor The Balor Club and the logos were eerily similar to that of The Bullet Club.  Finn then began posting cryptic pictures on his Instagram as hints to the eventual WWE 'Bullet Club' reunion. 

Twelve weeks ago, the subtle hints became more aggressive and, suddenly, news broke that WWE was getting an influx of talent from NJPW headlined by AJ Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura and The Bullet Club.  

Of that list, AJ Styles made an incredible debut at the Royal Rumble and Nakamura debuted at NXT Takeover: Dallas. There was only one set of superstars left to debut and the impact they have on the WWE may be the largest.

The Bullet Club has been arguably the hottest faction in professional wrestling over the last few years. Depending on how The McMahon's handle the talented tag team, as well as the main roster debut of Balor, this could provide them with a reversal of their recent ratings  decline. The Bullet Club has New World Order potential, if they can stay as popular as they were in NJPW. 

Ironically, Gallows and Anderson broke in last night as chaos agents, very similar to Hall & Nash before them. 

It's very early, but so far so good, WWE. 

Watch John Cena discuss NXT and the influx of indie talent: 

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