Sorry internet: Bill Nye isn't debating Sarah Palin on global warming

Sarah Palin and Bill Nye both appear in the documentary film, 'Climate Hustle,' which seeks to debunk man made climate change.

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He believes in science.  And she can see Russia from her backyard.  But neither can agree about global warming.

As recently as yesterday, the internet was abuzz that both Bill Nye the Science Guy and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin will be debating each other on climate change.  Alas, that's not happening.  

Palin will be part of a panel reacting to the premiere screening of the anti-climate change documentary Climate Hustlereports NBC News -- in which Nye also appears, but as a climate change activist, and not as a climate change denier.   Instead of a debate, a clip featuring Nye's discussion with the film's creator will be shown as part of the panel.  Nye will not be present.  Sorry, internet.  

The film was created by the Conservative think tank Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow, or CFACT.  According to a CFACT press release, Climate Hustle looks to “debunk the myth and hype about man-made global warming.”

Of the film, Palin said to Variety, “We’re been told by fearmongers that global warming is due to man's activities and this presents strong arguments against that in a very relatable way."

Fun fact: NASA says that the 10 warmest of the 134 years of record keeping have happened since 2000, with 1998 being an exception.  Also, 97% of climatologists surveyed in a 2009 University of Illinois study said humans are behind global warming.

Palin has long been a climate change denier, calling it a “con job.”

Bill Nye, not so much.

In the clip being screened at the panel, Nye tries to bet Marc Morano, one the of the producers of the film, that 2016 will be one of the hottest years on record and that the current decade will also be one of the hottest decades to date.

Morano…declines to take the bet.  Which was reportedly $20K.  

About one week after the screening, the US and more than 130 countries will sign the historic Paris climate agreement.

Check out Bill Nye explaining to Larry King why creationism is dangerous:

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