Exciting new technology simplifies concussion diagnosis

A new ultrasound headset could be key to identifying brain injury among athletes.

By: Pari Heidari, Larry King Now

With over 1 million athletes experiencing concussions in the US annually, it's about time the brain injury, and the severe complications it can lead to, was given its due attention. 

Though strictly speaking a concussion is a "mild" traumatic brain injury, the recent media coverage afforded to athletes whom have suffered concussions has helped bring to light the long-term complications it brings. While prevention is top-of-mind among parents, coaches and athletes, new technology could be key in early diagnosis. 

Researchers have found a more accurate, faster and less expensive way to diagnose concussions. The Transcranial Doppler headset will track the changes in the brain's blood flow through new advanced ultrasound technique. While traditional TCD techniques can differentiate between a healthy and a concussed brain with 53-60% accuracy, the new advanced TCD device which has a success rate of 83%

More and more studies are now reporting the potential long-term consequences of concussions. Robert Hamilton, PhD and co-founder of Neural Analytics (the company developing the device) hopes the technology will help athletes minimize their complications through early discovery. 

"This research suggests that this advanced form of ultrasound may provide a more accurate diagnosis of concussion," says Hamilton. "While more research is needed, the hope is such a tool could one day be used on the sidelines to help determine more quickly whether an athlete needs further testing."

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