New secrets revealed in 'X-Men: Apocalypse' trailer

The final trailer for 'X-Men: Apocalypse' is now available...and it looks amazing.  Plus, director Bryan Singer reveals the appearance of one infamous villain.   

By Saher Khalil, Larry King Now

With announcements of new superhero films happening almost weekly, it’s hard for me to keep getting excited for every single one.  However, that never seems to be the case when it comes to the X-Men films.   I’ve loved every single one in the franchise (yes, even The Last Stand) and I could not be more excited about the latest installment – X-Men: Apocalypse.

This weekend, Bryan Singer posted an image on his Instagram account giving us a first look at The Blob:

While that image is a nice little peek into the film, the release of the final trailer is where the real action is.  The trailer's final moments feature a single, clawed hand...wonder which character that could be?  Guess we'll find out on May 27th.  

If it were still the year 2010, I would be running to the theater to get in line right now.  Lucky for us it’s 2016, and they have assigned seating for us Los Angelenos.  Either way, I will be seeing X-Men: Apocalypse the day it's released...and not a second later.  

Check out what Stan Lee has to say about his latest cameo in the X-Men films:

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