'The Walking Dead' season finale recap

Warning: spoilers ahead. 

By Kelley Forrester, Larry King Now

The season 6 finale of The Walking Dead, "Last Day on Earth," aired on Sunday and here’s what happened.

At the beginning of the extended 90-minute episode, Morgan finally catches up with Carol before having to save her from one of the Saviors.  After she was shot twice, Morgan kills Carol’s attacker in an effort to keep her alive.

In the meantime, Rick, Carl, Abraham, Sasha, Eugene and Aaron rushed to get the sickly Maggie to the Hilltop, leaving Daryl and the others in Alexandria.  On the way, they ran into a string of roadblocks set up by the Saviors - from the man the Saviors hanged to the chain of walkers.  To avoid the barriers, the group was forced to take Maggie through the woods on foot and use the RV as a distraction.

As Rick and the others trekked through the woods, they found themselves completely surrounded by the Saviors.  All of them – including the ailing Maggie – were ordered to their knees.  Eugene, who they had left to distract the Saviors in the RV was already taken as a hostage.  Daryl, Michonne, Glenn and Rosita are also being held captive.

Then, in walks the sinister Negan with his barbwire covered baseball bat, Lucille.

Negan begins his monologue by saying, “Pissin’ our pants yet?  Boy, I do have a feelin’ we’re getting close.  Gonna be pee-pee-pants city here real soon.”

The evil leader revealed his big plans for the “new world order.”  Alexandria is now his.  And Rick and the others work for the Saviors now.

Negan plays a torturous game of Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Moe to decide who would be the first to meet Lucille.  He picks his prey and delivers bone-crushing blows to the unknown victim while the screams of the others echo out.

For now we’re all in the dark.  Who was at bat with Negan?  Could it have been Glenn?  Is it Darryl?  Or could it be someone else?  We can’t do more than guess until The Walking Dead returns to AMC in the fall. 

Andrew Lincoln who plays Rick Grimes and Sarah Wayne Callies, Lori Grimes, discuss their "death dinner" tradition with Larry King. Watch now. 

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