Olympic champions finally get their Wheaties box

Three Olympic legends, at first overlooked by the famous cereal's makers, will appear in a special release next month!

By Bill Applegate, Larry King Now

When do you know you’ve really made it in the world of sports.  Is it by winning a national championship?  Nope.  How about an Olympic medal?  Please.

So how do you know you’ve really made it?

You're on the Wheaties box.

That’s right!  And Olympic legends diver Greg Louganis, swimmer Janet Evans, and hurdler Edwin Moses have finally made it!

Minneapolis-based General Mills has announced that the three will appear on the “Breakfast of Champions” cereal box, along with details about their athletic accomplishments.

According to The New York Times, all three boxes will be rolled out to stores next month in what the company is calling it’s Wheaties Legends series.

“This is an opportunity for Wheaties to highlight past champions who haven’t yet received the honor of being on a Wheaties box for their past athletic achievements,” said Jenna Lynch, senior associate marketing manager for Wheaties.

Edwin Moses is a two-time Olympic gold medal winner.  He also set a world record for the 400-meter hurdles in 1976.  Janet Evans broke seven world records and won four Olympic gold medals.  Louganis also is a four-time gold medal-winning diver and also one of sports first openly gay athletes.

The boxes were the result of a petition on Change.org started by Julie Sondgerath, an IT professional in Chicago, reported The Times.

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