Duane Henry to join the cast of 'NCIS'

The British actor is set to guest star on the final two episodes of the season.

By Kelley Forrester, Larry King Now

NCIS Duane Henry

 Image courtesy of CBS

CBS announced that Duane Henry will be joining the cast of NCIS for the final two episodes of season 13. Henry will guest star as MI-6 Officer Clayton Reeves with the option of returning next season. 

According to the show's network, his character "has worked hard to climb from his working class roots to become a respected government operative. Reeves is known for his swagger, confidence, and sense of humor. While he's burned a few bridges in the international intelligence community, he brings honesty to his job and a determination to make the right decisions."

NCIS executive producer Gary Glasberg said, "We think we found something really special in Duane Henry. His unique blend of charm, heart, and athletic physicality is going to be a great addition to the mix. Everyone at NCIS is excited to have him join us."

Henry will not be the only new character entering this season. Sarah Clarke, of 24, will also make an appearance in the last two episodes of the season as FBI Special Agent Tess Monroe, and may become a regular in season 14.

The new characters come just as Michael Weatherly, an original member of the cast, is stepping away from the show. Weatherly, who plays Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo, is leaving NCIS at the end of the current season. 

Mark Harmon, who plays Special Agent Jethro Gibbs, talks to Larry King about the cast changes throughout the years on NCIS.

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