Jennifer Lawrence: We have to redefine the 'normal' body

The award-winning actress says we've become so accustomed to the look of underweight women that we don't even recognize what's 'normal' anymore.

By Pari Heidari, Larry King Now

Oscar-winner Jennifer Lawrence has urged Hollywood to take a new stance on body image, and embrace a new normal standard. Or, to be more exact, she thinks the entertainment industry needs to re-connect with the old perception of a normal body-type. Lawrence, who's been vocal on other issues affecting women today - namely, the gender pay gap and photo editingsays she is sick and tired of being the "the fattest one."

“I would like us to make a new normal body type,” Lawrence toldHarper’s Bazaar. “Everybody says [to me], ‘We love that there is somebody with a normal body!’ And I’m like, ‘I don’t feel like I have a normal body.’ I do Pilates every day. I eat, but I work out a lot more than a normal person."  Lawrence suggests the yardstick used to measure women's body's today is distorted.  "I think we’ve gotten so used to underweight that when you are a normal weight it’s like, ‘Oh, my God, she’s curvy.’ Which is crazy.”'

Her take on feminism?  The star of the Hunger Games series says she doesn't understand "why that word is so scary to people."  Lawrence toldHarper's Bazaar that feminism simply means equality, and that in a modern, progressive society, women must be allowed to move forward and feel stronger."  You don't have to take away the wonderful traits that come with being a woman: We are sensitive.  We are pleasers.  We're empathetic," she says.  "All those things that can keep you from asking for what you want or making mistakes."

Emmy award winning actress Regina King discussed the pay gap when she appeared on Larry King Now. Saying that while the discrimination of women in Hollywood is a shared experience, her perspective is very different from that of Jennifer Lawrence. Watch her explain her personal stance in the video below! 

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