Marcia Clark x2, Steve-O & presidential hopeful Gary Johnson: Roku Picks of the Week

While spring is officially underway the cold weather has us craving nights snuggled up at home! So get comfortable, Tune into your Roku player and check out some of the past months's best clips in entertainment and politics.

Sarah Paulson, star of The People v. O.J. Simpson, chatted with Larry about the acclaimed show, why she doesn't watch it herself, and airs her thoughts on sexism and gender inequality in Hollywood.

Fittingly enough, Marcia Clark - who lead the prosecution in the O. J. Simpson murder case, and whom Sarah Paulson plays in the series - stopped by to discuss the trial, praise the accuracy of show and explain why Sarah Paulson’s spot-on portrayal of her makes the show that much harder to watch! 

Comedian, stuntman and self-proclaimed "lunatic" Steve-O came round to discuss his "nuts," and baffle Larry with his "secret talent." Also, is a Jackass reunion in the making? Watch and find out! 

Libertarian Party presidential hopeful Gary Johnson explains why his party is suing the Presidential Debate Commission and why he believes millions of Americans are actually Libertarians, but they just don't know it!  

Oscar-winning actor Richard Dreyfuss talked about the hailstorm of criticism he received from progressives and certain media outlets after attending a Ted Cruz rally. Also, hear him compare the "indecent" Donald Trump to a loud drunk in a pub! 

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