Phil Robertson's 'radical idea' for transgender bathroom controversy

The outspoken conservative, star of the hit reality show 'Duck Dynasty', teams up with Citizens United to raise money for North Carolina's controversial bathroom law, known as HB2.

By Ben Monié, Larry King Now

Seems like anybody who's anybody today wants to chime in on North Carolina's much-debated transgender bathroom bill, also known as HB2.  The bathroom bill currently bans individuals from using public bathrooms that do not correspond with their biological sex, according to their birth certificates.

Enter Phil Robertson, star of the hit reality series, Duck Dynasty.  

“This is Phil Robertson from Duck Commander and I’ve got a radical idea,” writes Robertson in an email to conservatives.  “Men should use the men’s bathroom and women should use the women’s bathroom.  Just because a man may ‘feel’ like a woman doesn’t mean he should be able to share a bathroom with my daughter, or yours.  That used to be called common sense.  Now it’s called bigoted.” 

According to the Hollywood Reporter, which obtained Robertson's email, the politically-controversialDuck Dynasty star is now working with Citizens United, the equally-controversial think tank that lead to the Supreme Court ruling stating the U.S. government couldn't restrict financial contributions by nonprofit organizations.  

It's unclear what the goal is for the Robertson-Citizens United collaboration, other than to drum-up monetary support for the bill - though Robertson reportedly doesn't even mention North Carolina in his note.  “The Judeo-Christian values that led America to greatness are under full assault by the mob mentality of political correctness, and we’re slowly losing our soul," he writes. 

As of yesterday, the state of North Carolina and the U.S. Justice Department are involved in a series of countersuits.  North Carolina’s top officials on Monday sued the U.S. Justice Department, Attorney General Loretta Lynch and one of her assistants, after the federal government said that North Carolina’s so-called bathroom bill, or HB2, is a constitutional violation.  Lynch immediately responded with a federal civil rights lawsuit against the state of North Carolina, Governor Pat McCrory, the North Carolina Department of Public Safety and the University of North Carolina.  In a press release, Lynch writes that this more than just about bathrooms: "This is about the dignity and respect we accord our fellow citizens and the laws that we, as a people and as a country, have enacted to protect them – indeed, to protect all of us.  And it’s about the founding ideals that have led this country – haltingly but inexorably – in the direction of fairness, inclusion and equality for all Americans." 

Check out Larry King's interview with Duck Dynasty cast above.  And be sure to check back with us at Ora TV for more up-to-date news on the issue.  

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