Jack Osbourne pens heartfelt letter on World MS Day

Osbourne was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis four years ago.

By: Kyle MacLelland, Larry King Now

At the age of 26, Jack Osbourne received life-changing news when doctors informed him that he was suffering from relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis. Osbourne, who had just welcomed a new child to the world at the time, deemed it the "scariest moment of his life" in an open letter he penned for People Magazine yesterday on World MS Day. 

Since learning he had multiple sclerosis, the former Dancing with the Stars contestant and son of Ozzy and Sharon has been very candid about his diagnosis in an attempt to "stop the secrecy" surrounding MS and hopefully one day find a cure. In the letter to People, Osbourne writes, "Whether you're living with MS or not, the most important thing to realize is that knowledge is power. In my eyes, the more people who know what MS really is, the better. People with MS can live normal or near-normal lives. By simply understanding more about this disease and spreading the word, you can be a great advocate for yourself and others."

He goes on to credit his family for helping him cope with the diagnosis, saying, "I was overwhelmed, and it was a lot to process and digest. My family was an incredible support system for me, helping me understand and wrap my head around the disease, and to them I am forever grateful."

Back in 2014, Jack himself visited Larry King Now and opened up about his diagnosis. You can see the clip above. Also, please visit Jack's site YouDon'tKnowJackAboutMS.com to learn more about MS and how you can help find a cure. 

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