Colin Cowherd to co-host sports debate program for FS1

FS1's Colin Cowherd and Jason Whitlock will co-host Speak For Yourself, a debate-structured sports talk show. The program is set to premiere later this month, and will air Monday through Friday.

By Evan Needell Larry King Now

After a long history of predominately radio-focused work, former ESPN and current FS1 sports analyst Colin Cowherd is set to co-star in a debate-structured program for Fox’s sports network.

The program, titled Speak For Yourself, will feature Cowherd and fellow former ESPN analyst Jason Whitlock. Speak For Yourself will follow a format similar to ESPN’s popular program, Pardon the Interruption, with Mike Wilpon and Tony Kornheiser, where the two hosts go down the line of latest sporting news, debating each topic in a short, timed period.

This is the latest market-share push from FS1, which hopes to capitalize on the seemingly weakening grip Disney’s ESPN has on sports news.

The affect of these cutbacks has been felt in the past couple of years, as the “worldwide leader in sports” has lost big name talent such as Cowherd, Whitlock, Keith Olbermann and Bill Simmons.

Recently, ESPN has also lost Skip Bayless and Mike Tirico to competitors in the sports news market.

Speak For Yourself is expected to premiere later this month and will air Monday through Friday.

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