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TV Host Kelly Osbourne Talks About Weight Loss And Health Issues

More from Ora: TV Host Kelly Osbourne Talks About Weight Loss And Health Issues

‘The Biggest Loser’ Trainers On New Dieting, Exercise Trends & America’s Obesity Epidemic

Larry King NowJan 08 '16

'The Biggest Loser' trainers Dolvett Quince & Jennifer Widerstrom talk fighting junk food temptation, provide innovative ways to eat healthy, and get to the bottom of America's obesity epidemic. Plus, the two fitness gurus help Larry kickstart a new exercise regimen of his own!

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*Posted Online on Ora.TV on Jan 8th, 2016:

“But you get a name like Dolvett. My mother said she found it in a baby book. I think she was drinking.” Quince

“I’m the new kid on the Block.”


“I always knew sports, but I never understood fitness and when I started to understand that, I feel like I saw the power that it did in my life. The way it changed and opened things up for me as a human being. I thought there’s something to this and I think at the end of the day, I love people and this is the vehicle I’ve chosen to use to help them.”


“It’s all temptation. Absolutely. It’s just about managing the temptation.”


“I think the underlying theme is temptation really just means choices. What kind of choices are you going to make through your day to put yourself and your health first?”


“You’re going to see people react to things that you probably wouldn’t react to yourself. I mean, people are tempted with twenty-thousand dollars and they choose to stay and work on their health.”


“To me the number craving is fast food. That’s what I see.”


“Oh, absolutely. I’m from Chicago. I just went home for the holidays and I went straight to Portillo’s.”

Widerstrom- whether or not she has temptations

“More countries are active. I think more countries are taking breaks. More countries aren’t as stressed or making themselves as stressed as we do. And we lean on things to de-stress us, whether alcohol or food to comfort the pressure the we put on yourselves.


“Actually, I disagree. I think everyone starts all the time. They just quit. People practice quitting. Starting is the easy part.”

Widerstrom- reaction to the hardest part about dieting is starting

“If you said I had to run to lose weight, I would stay fat. Sorry.”


“You don’t have all the answers. Try something new”

Quince- on the most important thing he says to men.

“Don’t worry about the weights. Start moving them”

Widerstrom- on the most important thing she says to women.

“The number one mistake people make in fitness is doing the same thing consistently and not switching their style of training.”


“And I say they take on too much, too fast. ‘Let’s go. Five days a week. I’m going to do it.’ They’re feeling pain, they’re creating injury, and their body’s not developed yet for the kind of movements they’re asking their body for.”

Widerstrom- on the number one mistake people make in fitness

“I’ll tell you what. If you give your body food, water, and rest, you’ll drop weight not even training.”


“Crossfit is basically a system of movements that have existed for decades from olympic lifting, to gymnastics, to military, bodyweight, metcon work and put into a system of training. It’s extremely effective, not just because of the kind of programming there is, but because of the community base and I think that’s why it’s really thrived and probably why he has some interest, because there’s a built in accountability”


“For people that are looking for food to give you energy, you can get it from berries like blueberries, blackberries. You get it from nuts, you get it from— fish I find a lot of times give me good solid energy.”


“There are variables in pre-workout out drinks that are like vasodilators, which basically is a fancy word for ‘they open up your veins to create blood flow.’ If they got energy…don’t add what they don’t need.”


“I think there’s a lot of sugar in muscle milk. I don’t know. I’m not a big fan.”


“Write it down. Make a plan. Invite a friend. Workout.”

Quince- tip for 2016

“Accountability partner. That’s it. It’s the number one thing that’s gonna keep you going. Pick a good one.”

Widerstrom- tip for 2016