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A princess, the pope and the president - Headlines for Dec. 3

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Dude with Romney Face Tattoo Goes Wild

NewsBreakerOct 27 '12

Follow @newsbreaker on Twitter Subscribe to OraTV Host @DavidBegnaud delivers breaking news and today's trending buzz in 45 seconds. Mike Tyson apparently doesn't have the most bizarre face tattoo seen in the public and he must thank to Eric Hartsburg. The man came up with an idea to sell his body as a platform for tattoos, even political tattoos. On Friday the man who sold a space for about $15,000revealed a Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign “R” logo in a 5-by-2-inch spot on his face. So exactly how does a man sell space on his face for a Romney tattoo? Well, he put an ad on eBay for the idea and someone decided it would be a perfect place to put the familiar Presidential candidate artwork. Of course Eric Hartsburg had to approve the logo (which he did) and get payment so he could have the red and blue tattoo put on the left side of his face While the idea might have been spawn byThe Hangover movie series, this tattoo is permanent with Hartsburg even posting photos of him getting the political tattoo on his Facebook page for the world to see it wasn't fake. Obviously different than the typical place of permanent ink, the man made decent money with the tattoo. So far there have been no offers for an Obama tattoo on the other side of Eric Hartsburg’s face, but who knows there is still time before the Presidential elections for another tattoo to be added.