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Woman Busted With Cocaine Filled Breast Implants

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Truck Narrowly Misses Baby Thrown From Car

NewsBreakerJan 23 '13 A one-year-old girl has had an amazing escape after being involved in a road smash that saw her flung in front of oncoming traffic. The Mitsubishi car that the child was travelling in with her parents spun out of control while trying to overtake on an icy road in Russia. The vehicle skidded backwards and crashed into traffic on the opposite side of the road, sending the little girl flying out of the window into the middle of the carriageway. A lorry driver coming the other way spotted the child - crawling in the middle of the road - and swerved, missing her by just a few inches. Her parents then ran from their wrecked car and picked up their baby daughter from road, just as another lorry was coming the other way. The child suffered cuts and bruises to her head and was taken to a nearby hospital. Host @DavidBegnaud delivers breaking news and today's trending buzz in 45 seconds.