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UPDATE: Amber Alert Canceled

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SHOCKING VIDEO: Man Attempts Suicide By Train; Alert Cop Won’t Let it Happen

NewsBreakerApr 24 '13

Man Rescued from Suicide attempt Caught on Video | Colombian Man Saved from Train accident Train Near Miss Drama: Man Saved In Colombia Man Rescued from Suicide attempt Caught on Video | Colombia Train | Watch dramatic footage of the moment an alert police officer tugs a man back from the brink of almost certain death under a train.A quick-thinking police officer has averted a tragedy when he grabbed the shirt of a man who appeared to be about to leap into the path of an oncoming train in Colombia.The drama was caught on camera at Hospital station in the city of Medellin.The video first shows the man acting unusually on a platform as the train approached the station.As he suddenly lunged towards the train as it arrived, the officer grasped him and dragged him back onto the platform. Host @DavidBegnaud delivers breaking news and today's trending buzz in 45 seconds.