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Teen Solves His Own Missing Person Case Trying to Apply for College

NewsBreakerNov 05 '15

An Alabama teen has solved a 13 year old mystery. Julian Hernandez went missing back in 2002 when he was five years old.His father was supposed to drop him off at school, but the pair vanished.The now 18 year old Julian was trying to apply for college when there were issues with his social security number.

An 18 year old solved his own kidnapping -- finding out he was in the missing person’s database for 13 years! And he didn’t even know he was missing.

Julian Hernandez was five when his mother reported him missing alabama in 2002 -- 13 years ago when his dad jonathan hernandezwas supposed to be dropping him off at school.

According to -- Julian was living in cleveland with his dad in this house.

He was never traced since they were living under the alias mangina.

According to wvtm-tv in birmingham alabama, Julian ran into trouble when the social security number couldn’t be verified when trying to apply for college.

Julian’s mother has been notified her son has been found and Jonathan Hernandez arrested -- facing one count of tampering with records, when he applied for a driver’s license under a false name.  More serious charges expected to come down in the coming days.