Woman Faints During President Obama's Healthcare Website Remarks

It was supposed to be a serious speech about the glitches Americans are finding on the new health care website.

It wasn’t a rousing speech from President Obama, but the woman who nearly fainted in the front row just behind the president gave it a little more excitement.

The president stopped his speech and reached out to help her by steadying her along with others gathered nearby.

Footage reveals the woman starting to sort of space out, giving the cameras a frozen gaze as she looked straight ahead. Then, just as Obama looks to the group standing behind him, the woman loses it and begins to fall.

Check out the video here:

Obama and the others were able to assist the woman as she walked off the central area where the president was talking. Obama joked, “This what happens when I talk too long,"

According the Washington Post the woman is Karmel Allison:

Her White House provided bio said she was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when she was nine years old and is currently looking for better access and pricing on health coverage.

After the incident Allison tweeted that she was “Okay” and thanked the president for helping her.

But the incident lives on forever in a .gif:

Woman Fainting GIF

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