Video Shows Bloody Gun Battle Before 'El Chapo' Capture

Grenades, Bullets and Panic All Caught on Tape

It's disturbing video that looks like it's ripped straight from a big budget action movie.  Mexican Marines in a bloody, bullet filled shootout with the henchmen of the world's most wanted drug cartel leader.  Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman was captured after this firefight in their hideaway in the town of Los Mochis.  The clip was first aired on Mexican TV channel Televisa.

During the firefight, one Marine is injured and is told to "Stay calm".  At another point, one of the Marines tosses grenades into a room where 'El Chapo"'s henchmen are hold up.  Five of those henchman were killed in the raid and a sixth was arrested.  

Although he is not seen in the video, "El Chapo" himself was later arrested.  He is being held in a Mexican prison in solitary confinement to prevent another escape like the one he pulled off last summer.  Meanwhile, proceedings for extradition to the United States, where he also faces drug trafficking charges,are underway.  The process could reportedly take up to a year.

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