HBO Premieres 7 Hour Chronological Cut of The Godfather

424 Minute Cut Includes Scenes Cut From the Theatrical Releases

It's must see TV for fans of the gangster epic!  Streaming right now on HBO GO and HBO NOW: The Godfather Epic.  It's a recut of the first two Godfather films so they play in Chronological order.  Starting with Vito Corleone as a 10 year old in Sicily, moving to a young man (played by Robert DeNiro) coming to America and then as the head of the mafia empire (a 49 year old Marlon Brando).

It's important to note... Godfather 3 is not a part of The Godfather Epic.  I'm sure you know why.

It's not the first time The Godfather has been recut like this.  Back in 1977 NBC aired the miniseries The Godfather: The Complete Novel For Television  and was later released on VHS.

So it appears HBO has made us an offer we can't refuse.  

Check out Larry King's interview with James Caan on what makes The Godfather such an iconic film.

And watch Larry talk to Robert Duvall on why he turned down a role in Godfather 3 

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