Emergency Landing After Passenger Attacks Flight Attendant

Flight Headed From New York to Chicago Diverted to Detroit Where Attacker Was Arrested

Frightening moments on board a United Airlines flight bound from New York to Chicago Thursday night when an unnamed woman suddenly lashed out at a flight attendant.Witnesses say the woman had just switched seats moments before the violence began.A flight attendant reportedly started beverage service when she accidentally spilled a drink.A she was cleaning it up, authorities say, the woman reached down and began scratching the flight attendants face and at one point, grabbed her throat and ripped off a necklace.

It didn’t take long for other passengers on the plane to jump to the flight attendant’s rescue, grabbing the deranged woman and pinning her to the ground.

According to reports the plane quickly made an emergency landing in Detroit.Police came on board the plane and arrested the woman.Amateur video shows the woman, after she had been hog-tied, being carried off the plane.The passengers then begin to applaud.

Several other passengers who claim the woman injured them reportedly say they are going to press charges.It is believed the woman was suffering from some sort of medical condition.

The flight stayed on the tarmac for about an hour before continuing on to Chicago.

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