Billions in shrink-wrapped cash headed to Iraq ends up in Lebanese bunker

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Back in 2003, the Bush administration started loading cash onto Air Force C-17s headed to Iraq. A LOT of cash. Between 12 and 14 billion dollars worth. This cash made its way to Baghdad, but how was the money used? That's the big question.

Stuart W. Bowen Jr., friend of George W. Bush, was appointed to serve as a special inspector general to investigate corruption and waste in Iraq. For years, Bowen could not figure out where billions of dollars went until he discovered that it was stolen and moved to a bunker in Lebanon.

He's frustrated that neither the Bush administration nor the Obama administration investigated reports that huge amounts of money disappeared.

“Billions of dollars have been taken out of Iraq over the last 10 years illegally,” he said. “In this investigation, we thought we were on the track for some of that lost money. It’s disappointing to me personally that we were unable to close this case, for reasons beyond our control.”

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