More than half of the members of Congress are millionaires and while their income climbs yours continues to drop.

The average Congress member earns more than 14 times the average American. Congress is yet to increase the federal minimum wage, which is currently $7.25 an hour, so why do so many Americans continue to elect people who are clearly against their best interests? It’s because that’s what we’re offered and we’re a bunch of lemmings. 

You know when I voted this past election; I proudly walked in and cast my vote. I did what I was supposed to do. You know what that was? I went in and voted AGAINST every democrat and republican on the ballot. If there was a particular election position where there were only democrats or republicans on the ballot, I didn’t vote. I left that blank. 

It is high time that on every election ballot for every office, there be a third option called “none of the above.”You might chuckle, but that would be a protest vote saying, “I’m unsatisfied with any candidate, so I’m casting my vote for none of the above.”

-Jesse Ventura

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