The Governor sounds off after the grand jury decided NOT to indict Darren Wilson, the white police officer accused of shooting Brown, an unarmed black teen....and he ain't too pleased about it.

I’m very disappointed the Michael Brown case didn’t go to trial, over the simple fact that we’ll never know the truth now.

There are conflicting stories, there’s conflicting evidence…and the only way to wade through that is to use the system: go to court and have a trial. That way there are lawyers on both sides and the evidence is REAL. In doing what they did, with no indictment…now forever and ever, there will be questions. And that’s what we’re going toJe face now.

There were mistakes made. The prosecutor should have recused himself. Prosecutors work hand-in-hand with the police. They should have brought in another one from a different county. I think that the grand jury - which was in session for months - should have been a fresh roster of people. When you work as a grand jury, you’re working with the prosecutor and the police on a daily basis. Well, after four months, you start to know each other.There was too much of a conflict of interest.

If I were the police officer, and I were innocent, I would want it to go to trial. If he wants to clear his name, it would be cleared in trial.Had this case gone to trial, there would be no rioting.And we’d know the truth.


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