I had the honor of marching with thousands of others against the Washington Football team and their owner Dan Snyder when their team was in town to fight against the Minnesota Vikings.

These people are speaking out because this honors a genocide; it honors when our government placed $200 bounties, $200 bounty for every Redskin that you could kill. Didn’t matter if they’d ever committed a crime. Didn’t matter women, children, anything. And that’s how it was termed because you had to bring back their hair and a piece of their red skin. And you got Dan Snyder saying that this honors them? How can genocide be honored? It’s shameful. I, as an Anglo-Saxon European, hang my head in shame when I hear stories like this, but I don’t run from them. If it happened, it happened and you stand up and you learn real history. And then you do today to make the amends of yesterday if it can be done. And one way it can be done is by changing this idiotic name.


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