The Governor takes on our debt crisis in this latest Off The Grid episode.As the year winds down, Jesse explores the many ways in which the United States has earned it's ranking as the #1 country in debt.

Excuse me, the United States is in debt?!

Capitalism means “go into debt.” In the old old days, way back when, they had what was called “Debtors' Prison.” If you were too far in debt, you went to the slammer!Imagine if they had that today.Many people would find themselves locked up! These big shots that run our economy want you in debt. They want a debtors' society, where you have to pay the man your whole life.

The sad thing about student loan debt is that those are loans from the U.S. government. So it’s the U.S. government raping and pillaging our own students that go to higher education by charging them these ridiculous interests rates on student loans. That’s where I’ll stand with Senator Elizabeth Warren.She’s for getting rid of these interests rates.The government should not be profiting off educating young people.


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