A Resolution to #StayVigilant

What is Jesse Ventura's New Year Resolution?

This year, the Governor asks his fans to make a resolution with him to be conscientious, vigilant citizens. The kind that our forefathers and mothers would have hoped would be around today to preserve The Bill of Rights and the Constitution.

Don’t wait until 2015 – make this resolution today:

  • Question our government. You not only have every right to, that’s exactly what a good citizen is supposed to do.
  • Question the media. Are they telling us the whole truth? Why do we hear more about some starlet tripping on the Hollywood red carpet than we do about the really important issues?
  • Question the silence. Why don’t we hear about the gigantic NSA scandal any longer? Do you seriously believe they stopped spying on Americans without warrants just because it’s not on the news anymore? Don’t be naïve.
  • Become an informed citizen. That’s a very powerful thing to be. Expand your sources of information. There’s a gold mine of good information out there in alternative media. Explore it.
  • Register to vote. Because you can’t shoot a gun that isn’t loaded and voting is the best weapon that we own—to protect us from ignorance, to protect us from corruption, and to protect us from being controlled.

Control them. Don’t let them control you. That’s what Democracy is all about.

In short, STAY VIGILANT. We only have a Democracy if we keep it that way. 


- JV 

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