What's on the schedule for this week's all new #OffTheGrid with Jesse Ventura?

This week, Jesse Ventura investigates what might be bringing the United States to The End of Democracy! 

  • Tuesday: A follow up on Jesse's investigation into drones. Enter the Drone Zone: who is using them, why, where, how often, and to what purpose. 
  • Wednesday: Jesse has his eye on The Life & Crimes of Dick Cheney. Our elected officials might not be holding the former Vice President accountable for his actions, but that doesn't mean Gov. Ventura is giving up his investigation. 
  • Thursday: Dave Rubin from The Rubin Report on The Young Turks Network joins Jesse in The No Party Zone on #OffTheGrid to discuss what's really going on behind closed doors in the White House. 
  • Friday: If the United States isn't a Democracy or a Republic, then it must be an Oligarchy. Find out who really runs The United Oligarchy of America and what they have in store for its citizens. Jesse answers your questions in From the People.  


Want a sneak peek into Tuesday's episode of The End of Democracy?


Here's an exclusive look into tomorrow's episode "Enter the Drone Zone"


Jesse Ventura lauds the collective of artists responsible for displaying an enormous portrait of a young girl, who lost her family to drone strikes, in a field on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. The Governor believes this may be their only hope to fight back against the United States' Covert Wars. What do you think? Message Jesse at ora.tv/offthegrid/askjesse.




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