This week it's the Best of #OffTheGrid!

If you missed the all time top episodes of "Off The Grid," this is the week to catch up!

The Governor and the "Off The Grid" team are taking a look back at some of our favorite episodes:


Tuesday: Why I Live Off The Grid - do you know why the Governor lives off the grid? He breaks down the benefits and might even convince a few viewers to join him.

Wednesday: The Sickness of the 1% - is there ever enough money for the 1%? Jesse Ventura investigates their sick addiction to greed.

Thursday: World Trade Center 7 - Why did tower 7 fall on 9/11? It wasn't struck by a plane, but it fell the same exact way as WTC towers 1 and 2. Explore the facts of gravity and physics behind 9/11 with Jesse Ventura.

Friday: State of the Union - Remember the SOTU address that Obama gave less than a year ago? Re-examine the speech with Jesse Ventura. Did any of the president's promises come true?


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