The TSA contributes to the continuing infiltration of our privacy

Since 9/11 everyone in the United States has used it as an excuse to completely eliminate privacy.The NSA is spying on us; Amazon is sharing data with the CIA; and now the TSA is getting in on the action.For the past decade airport security has subjected customers to extreme security measures, making them remove shoes, belts, liquids, etc...all of which is making air travel a big hassle.Now they offer the option to enroll in a program called TSA PreCheck, a way for them to do a background check, thus allowing you to avoid the shoeless, beltless, inconvenience and you are free to go on your way.

However, what they didn’t mention is that when you enroll in PreCheck, it is an ongoing procedure where they continuously check up on your grocery receipts, your credit card purchases, and even your Facebook posts. It is a complete invasion of privacy but hey, at least it’s helping with catching potential terrorists...right?

Not so fast, check out these facts regarding the matter posted by Thomas P. Bossert in ‘THE HILL’...

The privacy and civil liberties implications alone are astounding.But, there is a more important issue.The TSA is gambling with the security of civil aviation and expanding its scope irresponsibly.The problem with computerized passenger profiling is that it simply does not work.

Frequent flyer miles might be a factor in the secret algorithm.However, Mohamed Atta, a ringleader and 9/11 hijacker, had a frequent-flyer gold card. Current members of the military are considered low risk by the TSA.Yet, Nidal Hasan, the convicted Fort Hood shooter, was a U.S. Army Major.Perhaps the algorithm will be programmed to trust doctors.Yet, the attempted 2007 car bomb attacks in London and Glasgow were planned and executed by doctors.

There you have it, once again we have a large organization like the TSA finding another reason to continue the destruction of privacy.Be sure to share this on your Facebook wall...for them to see.

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