While the country as a whole pushes away from religion, bible thumping politicians continue to find ways to push back.

Two Mississippi law makers, Tom Miles and Michael Evans, proposed a bill that would designate the Holy Bible as the official State book. And while Mississippi has I'm sure a plethora of other (and possibly slightly more important) problems going on, you'd think making the Bible the official state book would take a back seat.

Democrat Michael Evans told AL.com the idea originated in a conversation with voters where he was quoted saying:

Me and my constituents, we were talking about it and one of them made a comment that people ought to start reading the Bible,”

He said that they discussed “all the things going wrong in the world” and someone suggested making the Bible the state book.

Sure, that will solve all the problems!

And this isn't the first time this great state has considered blurring the lines between Church and State. Mississippi has a history of instating religious beliefs into law.Just one year ago, it added “In God We Trust” to the state seal!

Miles says with the likely support of 20 other state politicians the bill is likely to pass.In the meantime, I guess the great writers who come from or reside in Mississippi (Alice Walker, Tennesse Williams, Donna Tart to name a few) will just have to take a backseat.Also of note: official state books are NOT a thing.Massachusetts has an official state children's book ("Make Way For Ducklings"), but that's about it.


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