While others just flirt with the idea of being a vigilant citizen, activist Kathy Kelly took a stance. She is the co-coordinator of Voices for Creative Nonviolence, a campaign to end US military and economic warfare, and is currently serving a 3-month sentence in federal prison for protesting drones at Whitman Air Force Base in Missouri.

Hearing about a drone strike killing a group of people has become terrifyingly routine. Yet, many people are still unaware at just how many causalities have been caused by drones. If you go to the website Out of Sight, Out of Mind, you can view an interactive chart on just how deadly these drone strikes can be.

The death tolls caused by drones are enough to make anyone lose sleep. That’s where people like Kathy Kelly come in. Kelly has been a peace activist since the late 70s, becoming a part of Voices for Creative Nonviolence in 2005. Her most resent protest was sparked when Whiteman Air Force Base wouldn’t disclose information about the results of their drone strikes. When she stepped over the line, she was arrested.

Before Kelly turned herself in to serve her sentence, Medea Benjamin interviewed her for Truth-Out where Kelly explained:

When I went to trial, the military prosecutor told the judge, "Your Honor, Ms. Kelly is in grave need of rehabilitation." But I think it’s our policy that’s in grave need of rehabilitation. We’ve already spent $1 trillion on warfare in Afghanistan and will be spending another $120 billion. The Pentagon wants $57 billion for this year alone. We’re squandering resources that are sorely needed at home and abroad to solve extremely serious problems our world is facing, problems like the climate crisis and global poverty.

It doesn’t sound like Kelly will stop fighting for peace anytime soon, which is exactly what this world needs.

-Saher K, The Off The Grid Team


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