Would we have gone to war with Iraq if it weren’t for Fox News?

We all know that FOX “News” is nothing more than a radicalizing entertainment station that blatantly lies and should not be relied on for the truth. Although, we may not have realize just how much influence a network like this could have. According Kevin Drum of Mother Jones, FOX News may very well be the reason why we ever even went to war with Iraq:

"We estimate that Fox News increases the likelihood of voting Republican by 0.9 points among viewers induced into watching four additional minutes per week by differential channel positions." And this in turn means that we owe the Iraq War to Fox News: "We estimate that removing Fox News from cable television during the 2000 election cycle would have reduced the average county's Republican vote share by 1.6 percentage points."

So the question has to be asked, would we have ever gone to war with Iraq if FOX News didn’t exist? What do you think? Discuss in the comments below.

-Saher K. OTG Team


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