In 2015, the war on terror continues without slowing down a beat with the tragic killing of 12 innocent people at the French satirical newspaper, Charlie Hebdo. People should be able to express themselves freely without the government or terrorists causing them to fear for their lives.

Another story that continues the notion that terror runs the world comes from The British Parliament.  They are looking at measures to monitor toddlers for anti-Semitic speech.  We’re talking about children under the age of 5! That’s sickening to even think about, that just strips the little innocence that children have left.  The response to this awful measure can best be summed up in a passage from The Daily Beast from one of the world’s leading child psychologists: 

"Professor Penelope Leach told The Daily Beast it was ludicrous to monitor young children in that way. 'It sounds like a crazy idea to me,' she said. 'You'd have to be an awful lot older than that. Really this is a silly story.' "

The direction the world is headed is a scary one, full of fear for innocent lives, not knowing when or where the next terror attack will strike.  We are continuing to dive deeper into perennial war and drifting further away from achieving peace.

-The OTG Team

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