Donald Trump and Jeb Bush have gone head to head over whether Jeb's bro, former President George W. Bush, "kept us safe."Trump, for one, believes George W. is ultimately responsible for the fact that "the World Trade Center came down during his time.” 

Bush is absolutely responsible! It happened on his watch, didn’t it? How can anyone say that George Bush is not any way responsible for 9/11 happening?

There was the Aug. 6 memo, which shows that they had knowledge of Bin Laden’s plans. Yet, when Condoleezza Rice testified, she said they had no idea what Bin Laden was going to do. It said so right on the memo!

If Bush isn’t responsible, then who is? He was president wasn’t he? He was in charge of national security, wasn’t he? Then of course he holds some responsibly for it happening. He’s not saying Bush did it, but that he was responsible for it happening. Where was our air defense system? We’re supposed to believe that 19 Islamic radicals armed with box cutters defeated amulti-billion dollar air defense system.

Hooray for Donald Trump! He just went up higher in my ratings because Trump had the courage to say it.

-Jesse Ventura

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