The U.S. has nearly six times the number of gun homicides as Canada, more than seven times as Sweden, and nearly 16 times as Germany, according to UN data compiled by The Guardian.

I don’t doubt the statistics because gun ownership is covered by The Second Amendment. But with that ownership comes great responsibility. Is it going to be abused? Certainly.

What I find interesting is that when they do these statistics of all these countries that have banned guns, Mexico is never part of the equation. Guns are banned there. You can’t own a gun in Mexico, yet 20,000 people are killed by gun violence there every year. Why is that never factored in? You never hear them talk about Mexico. Because it doesn’t work down there, that’s why.

Why is no one questioning the US government, which sells the most guns internationally? When this tragedy happened in Oregon, there was another tragedy unfolding in Afghanistan. A US military warplane rained down for over an hour on a Doctors Without Borders hospital killing 22 people. Doesn’t that count? That’s a gun. That’s a warship in the sky being used to murder people. Yet, there’s no outcry about it, is there?

My point being is the U.S. government can start talking to me about taking my guns when they learn to control their own guns. The U.S. sells more guns than any country throughout the world and it’s the civilians who die, not the combatants. Lets have the government practice what it preaches.

-Jesse Ventura

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