According to The Guardian, not so secret private enterprise is bolstering North Korea’s economy.

If capitalism could be represented in a symbol, it’d be the Golden Arches of McDonald’s. If the economic system had a mascot, it’d be Ronald, their terrifying greasepaint and nightmares clown (which I’ve never understood why a company would want associated with edible products of any kind). Honestly, Grimace would be a better mascot, because he is, at the very least, shaped like most of your frequent-flyer customers.

Now that North Korea can be counted as among the nations that practice capitalism (whether openly or covertly), McDonald’s will likely be in their future. Plus, you can tell just by looking at him that Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un wants a Happy Meal with the super cool Transformers toy for big boys.

As the Guardian reports, “While on paper private entrepreneurial activities remain illegal, the law is seldom, if ever, enforced. As a result some North Koreans – the more entrepreneurial, lucky, well-connected and ruthless of them – have recreated the market economy from scratch…It is estimated that 30-50% of North Korean GDP is now produced by the private sector.”

So, saddle up, Mickey D’s! There are Big Macs and McRibs to be sold in Pyongyang (and maybe some Shamrock Shakes even if the North Koreans have never heard of St. Patrick’s Day, I’m sure they’d love a refreshingly minty treat in the month of March)! You may currently be in 119 of the 196 countries in the world, and so close to winning this real-life game of Risk that you can’t quit now. And if not you, well, Burger King can’t be far behind.

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