A veterans’ bill, authored by 2016 hopeful Bernie Sanders, targeting health care and education was rejected last year by the U.S. Senate, failing to win the necessary 60 votes.

While politicos cry war, let’s not forget the veterans bill that was rejected early last year.  Only TWO Republicans, out of 54, voted in favor of a legislative bill that would expand veterans health care and education for the 2,300 wounded veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.  The bill would have provided compensation to family caregivers of disabled veterans, as well as expanded health care for vets by acquiring new facilities.

It was supported by nearly all veteran associations.

And yet, it was shut down in the Senate by a vote of 56-41 in February of 2014.

Bernie Sanders, the Democratic hopeful for 2016, authored the bill.As he has stated since:

“If patriotism means anything, it means that we do not turn our backs on those who defended us, on those who were prepared to give their all. It means that we keep our promises.  It means that we make certain that veterans in this country get all of the benefits and health care they need and were promised – and that they get them in a timely manner.  It means that we say no to those who want to cut benefits for disabled veterans and no to those who would underfund the Department of Veterans Affairs.”

The problem most Republicans in the Senate had with the bill was that the money would be removed from our overseas wars.   According to USA Today, the GOP argued that it was “phony” budgeting because U.S. participation in the Iraq War was over.  Hmmm...sounds more like their logic is a bit “phony.”   If the wars in the Middle East were over, why were we still spending nearly $100 billion in 2014 on Afghanistan alone?   We all know ISIS was alive and well before the Senate rejected this bill, as Pulitzer-prize winning journalist Joby Warrick told Jesse in the above interview.

The question now is this: if we’re willing to send our soldiers to war, shouldn’t we also be willing to provide for them upon their return? As Jesse always states, “War is justified if you’re willing to send your kids to fight it.”  

Let’s pose that question to all the warmongers out there: would you be willing to send your own children to fight ISIS?  Boots on the ground or not, it seems like a lose-lose situation.  

-The OTG Team

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