A video online, reportedly released by the Turkish government, appears to show a Greek coast guard allegedly attempting to sink a life raft full of refugees.  Greek officials deny the allegations and state they were working with Turkish officials to rescue the boat.

The British news outlet, Metro UK, published a video online that reportedly shows the Greek coast guard “deliberately sinking a life raft full of refugees,” so the report claims.

According the website, the video was recorded on November 12th, and shows a man on a coast guard ship jabbing a pole into the boat full of refugees.  The passengers, reportedly 58 of them, begin to scream while their raft sinks.

Metro UK reports that a Turkish boat later arrived to pull the refugees out.  They were taken to the city of Didim in Turkey.Metro UK also states that the Turkish government released the video below.

The Greek coast guard denies the allegations completely, in a statement published on their website:

“The Hellenic Coastguard categorically denies the articles in the foreign press, as well as the doctored audiovisual material on a foreign website, according to which a Hellenic Coastguard vessel allegedly tried to sink a boat carrying refugees. Moreover, there is no reason to deny the real event that members of the crew tried to draw near to their large vessel a small inflatable craft by using a nautical hook (that is, a tool used in accordance with international shipping technique and practices for this purpose) while a nearby Turkish coastguard vessel assisted the rescue operation by lighting and facilitating all of the actions with a spotlight.”

What do you make of this vigilant viewers?  Sound off below.


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