In a new nationwide poll conducted by CNN and the Kaiser Family Foundation, roughly half of Americans -- 49% -- say racism is "a big problem" in society today.

Racism is a huge problem, it’s astounding. I lived through the turbulent 1960s, and I’m seeing a repeat of that time. When they tell you that if you don’t study history, you’re destined to repeat it, well, I’m seeing it get repeated now. In some instances history gets repeated within mere decades, it no longer takes lifetimes. And I’m watching a modern day rehash of the 1960s.

Racism is just as alive and well as it was then, but it gets more explicit coverage because of color TV and everyone carrying a camera on their cell phones.

Racism exists on the ground level at the everyday American and it goes all the way up to the elected officials in Washington -- they are both completely to blame. At some point every summer, I hear a white person using the N-word. At least once every summer. And it’s no better when you hear what the people at the top have to say.

- Jesse Ventura


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