Last month, California newspaper The Desert Sun published an investigation revealing that Nestlé Water’s permit to transport water across the San Bernardino National Forest for bottling has been expired since 1988. On Friday, the California Forest Service announced it would make it “a priority” to reassess the permit, and that it might impose as-of-yet unspecified “interim conditions” on the bottling operation in light of the severe drought, The Desert Sun reports.

I covered Nestlé on Conspiracy Theory. When we investigated, we went up to the Great Lakes because 20% of the world’s natural fresh water is the Great Lakes. So where do you think Nestlé is going to go to get their water? Well it’s illegal.

You can’t take water out of the Great Lakes. So what they did is they went to a tributary, bought the land, sunk their well in, and now their sucking the water out before it gets to the Great Lakes. Subsequently, the Great Lakes are down about a foot of water because Nestlé is sucking it all up before it gets there.

"They’ve pushed propaganda on us to make us believe that you’ve got to drink bottled water." 

I saw a stream that used to be a white water rapid you could kayak down, it now looked like a storm water retention pond. It was dead water, unmoving. That happened within a decade.

They’ve pushed propaganda on us to make us believe that you’ve got to drink bottled water. I remember as a kid, there was no such thing as bottled water. When you needed water, you just went up to someone’s garden hose, turned it on and drank it! 

Nobody got sick. Nobody died.

I’m still here today, 63 years later.

-Jesse Ventura 


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