Interesting read on, written by Tara Culp-Ressler, stating that women’s health could be the next victim of the “Religious Liberty” movement.

And Culp-Ressler is probably not far-off with this hunch.

House Republicans are scheduling a vote to kill a new D.C. law — a law that aims to ban employers from discriminating based on reproductive health decisions.  The Reproductive Health Non-Discrimination Amendment Act of 2014 prevents employers from taking any action against workers on their decision to use birth control or seek an abortion.  This law was approved last year in the District of Columbia. 

As Culp-Ressler writes:

“Right-wing groups aren’t happy about it.In February, leaders from several conservative groups — including the National Organization for Marriage, the Family Research Council, and Concerned Women for America — sent a letter to House members arguing that the new law will prevent faith-based and pro-life organizations from ‘making employment decisions consistent with their sincerely held religious beliefs or their moral and ethical views about the sanctity of human life.’  That letter pressured Congress to intervene and upend RHNDA.”

Apparently, it’s rare for Congress to get rid of a D.C. law, simply because the House and Senate need to pass a joint resolution that must be approved by the President.  It’s just another example of how our rights as American citizens are constantly being used as pawns in this Congressional chess game.  As Culp-Ressler points out, they have the power to “refuse to allocate funding for D.C. to actually implement its laws.”

Here’s a suggestion: how about Congress spend more time improving matters of the country, instead of countering laws that apply to cities?

Watch Jesse Ventura’s take on Congress in this Off The Grid video:

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