But the person being punished is not who you think...Nor do they deserve it...

Five months ago, the Senate Intelligence Committee released its gruesome report on the CIA’s post-9/11 torture program. And up until now, no one has faced professional consequences. But the person facing consequences in this case, doesn't deserve it because she was not involved in any type of torture at all. In fact, all she did was expose the report. 

The Huffington Post reports that Alissa Starzak, the lead investigator into the torture report, has become the target of a campaign led by Senate Intelligence Committee Chair, Richard Burr (R-N.C.), to keep her from the position she was nominated for--general counsel to the Army--as punishment. He does not want the Senate to approve her. According to the article,

"Opponents of the investigation have already succeeded in stifling Starzak’s nomination once before. After first being submitted by the White House last July, Starzak easily cleared the Senate Armed Services Committee -- then led by Democrats -- by voice vote in December, even though the explosive feud over the torture report was unfolding at the time. But her nomination was held up by Senate Republicans after she passed through the Armed Services Committee. After the nomination expired at the conclusion of the last Congress, the White House resubmitted the longtime government lawyer for the general counsel post in early January. By then, however, Republicans were in the majority. And now, the handful of GOP lawmakers familiar with Starzak’s role in the torture report drama are planning to make her and her former colleagues pay."

Once again, this just proves that there are two types of justice in America. Justice for those in power and justice for those who are not i. For Starzak to receive punishment over those guilty of committing the actual war crimes, is absolutely unacceptable. 

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-By Brigida Santos, The Off the Grid Team

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