Infowars reports: A firm that provides non-lethal equipment to law enforcement is set to release a new “compliance weapon” that temporarily blinds targets for up to 15 minutes.

A new non-lethal weapon will be ready for purchase in police departments in December. Infowars reports that: "Shield Defense Systems, LLC, a company based in Reno, Nevada, is currently developing the Z-RO “retinal obfuscation” gun. According to the firm’s website, the weapon, 'Obstructs the target’s vision temporarily for up to 10-15 minutes via proprietary technology when deployed on engaged mark.'"

The weapon, which can temporarily blind you for up to 15 minutes, supposedly inflicts no lasting damage and won't harm retinas and corneas. But then again, wasn't something similar said about taser weapons, which have killed over 500 people in the United States since 2001?

Infowars states '"pain compliance,' a technique increasingly being utilized by police departments, has led to concerns that officers have been given the green light to resort to a form of torture that provides plausible deniability."

Amidst a national conversation about the militarization of police in the aftermath of unrest in Ferguson, are Americans still being treated like wartime enemies?  Or even worse than wartime enemies? 

Remember, according to Politico, teargas was banned for warfare use in 1997, but police can and do still use it on the average citizen. 

What Would Jesse Ventura Do about the militarization of our law enforcement? Watch this #OffTheGrid episode to find out:

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