Edward Snowden’s most famous leak has just been vindicated. A panel of judges ruled that the program Snowden exposed was never legal. The Patriot Act does not authorize it, contrary to the claims of George W. Bush, Barack Obama, Michael Hayden, Keith Alexander, and James Clapper.


It should be called the Treason Act not the Patriot Act, because it violates the Constitution and Bill of Rights. It basically makes the documents written by Jefferson, Franklin, Adams, and Washington completely worthless. How is that patriotic? George Bush and Dick Cheney have no right to undermine our founding fathers. 

"Because our country is based on freedom, and the Patriot Act is based on the exact opposite."

In fact, the Supreme Court should overturn the Patriot Act for violating the Bill of Rights. Why it's even called the Patriot Act is beyond me. Anyone who thinks the Patriot Act is a wonderful thing for this country is wrong. Because our country is based on freedom, and the Patriot Act is based on the exact opposite.

Unfortunately, I don’t think Edward Snowden will ever be allowed back into this country. Just look at what we did to John Kiriakou of the CIA for simply disclosing information about the agency's torture program. He was the only person sent to prison over it. 

If I were Snowden, I’d stay on the lam. They’re not going to let him come back and go on with his life. He's embarrassed them too much. He's a whistleblower. And we all know what happens to whistleblowers.

-Jesse Ventura

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