What happens when a SWAT team wrongly invades your home and nearly kills your baby? You get stuck with over $1M in medical bills. 

Last May, a Georgia SWAT team was granted a “no knock” warrant to arrest a drug dealer. They threw a flash bomb grenade intothe house upon entering. They were ready to get this guy. Ooh-Rah!

Well, they didn’t do a good job investigating. At all. They had the wrong house. The drug dealer lived on the other side of town.

An innocent family was living in the house – the Phonesavanh family – they had just relocated there after their house had burned down.

So at 2 am, when this SWAT team broke into the family’s home and threw a flash grenade, they hit a one-year-old child while he was asleep. The grenade exploded in the baby’s face, causing severe burns. He was in the hospital in critical condition.

Here’s the original story:

In October, the SWAT team received no indictments. The law decided it was the baby’s fault that he was in the way at the time of the raid. No kidding. You can read the CNN story here.

The police also stated that they didn’t know there were any kids in the house. But really? According to baby Bou Bou’s parents, there were car seats clearly visible in the parked car outside the house.

So what happened to the family? What happened to the one-year-old baby boy? Not a happy ending, unfortunately. The family was left with over $1 Million in medical bills.

To this day, the Sheriff’s Office will not pay a single cent of the costs- even though they did not conduct the raid properly and they had the wrong house the entire time.

Here's the latest on the family and baby Bou Bou's condition:

The Phonesavanh family also went on ABC’s 20/20 to explain their situation and how they’re still fighting for justice for their child. 

During the interview, 20/20 went to the Broward County Sheriff's Office in Florida to see how a fully accredited law enforcement agency conducts SWAT raids. 

The Sheriff of Broward County, who was also at one time a SWAT Team Commander, stated that in his experience, the raid was poorly conducted and should not have even taken place. You can watch the full 20/20 interview here.

If you’re interested in more about this story, you can visit the family’s website at http://justiceforbabyboubou.com/

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