President Barack Obama is preparing to deploy 450 US troops to Iraq to train local forces battling the Islamic State. 

The White House reports that President Barack Obama has authorized the deployment of 450 additional U.S. military personnel to Iraq. These troops will, train, advise, and assist Iraqi Security Forces at Taqaddum military base in eastern Anbar province. According to the official White House press release,

The President made this decision after a request from Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi and upon the recommendation of Secretary Carter and Chairman Dempsey, and with the unanimous support of his national security team. 

These new advisors will work to build capacity of Iraqi forces, including local tribal fighters, to improve their ability to plan, lead, and conduct operations against ISIL in eastern Anbar under the command of the Prime Minister. 

This effort will complement the ‎efforts of U.S. and coalition trainers at the four previously-established training sites in Al-Asad, Besmaya, Erbil, and Taji, where over 9,000 Iraqi troops have already been trained, with an additional 3,000 currently in training. These additional U.S. troops will not serve in a combat role and will augment the 3,100 U.S. troops who have already deployed to Iraq. 

Are you vigilant viewers surprised by this? Did you really think Obama would be any better than any other president we've had when it comes to war? Do you think this is a necessary strategy for fighting ISIS at this point or do you think we will be making things worse? Discuss below. 

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