The Associated Press reports that the Senate just passed a measure aimed at ensuring the U.S. government never tortures detainees again.

The AP reports that the Senate "voted 78 to 21 to approve a defense bill amendment that bans torture." 

The measure was introduced by Republican Sen. John McCain of Arizona and Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California.

The amendment makes the U.S. Army Field Manual on Interrogations the standard for all interrogations conducted by the U.S. government.  In addition, the International Committee of the Red Cross has been granted access to every detainee held by the government.  

Feinstein stated: "I ask my colleagues to support this amendment and by doing so we can recommit ourselves to the fundamental precept that the U.S. does not torture - without exception and without equivocation - and ensure that the mistakes of our past are never again repeated in the future."  

The measure is a crucial one as the presidential executive order banning torture could be lifted by any future president.

Good news coming out of Capitol Hill.  Think this is the beginning of the end regarding torture practices in our country?  Sound off below!

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