Local news outlets are reporting that a local California mayor has been named in a lawsuit, alleging the city was looking to make money from bribes in return for guaranteeing a license to distribute marijuana.

Nearly three weeks ago, a raid of a local medical marijuana shop, Sky High Holistic, was caught on surveillance video.  The raid made headlines because, within the video, the 10 officers' behavior was questionable.  The video shows at least two of the officers wearing ski masks, dismantling surveillance videos, while another officer played darts.  One allegedly even ate marijuana-laced edible products from the store.  You can see the video below, released by nonprofit group Voice of OC.

Courtesy: Voice of OC

Now, according to local reports, a federal lawsuit is claiming that the mayor of Santa Ana in California, Miguel Pulido, reportedly has financial ties to certain shops and allegedly directed police to shut down their competitors.

The lawsuit was filed by attorney Matthew Papas on behalf of the Sky Horse Holistic marijuana collective. It also alleges, accordingto Voice of OC, that "unnamed individuals involves in the campaign to pass a voter-approved measure to allow and regulate shops, knows as Measure BB, promised operating licenses to marijuana dispensaries in exchange for $25,000 contributions."

These are just a few of the allegations brought forward by Papas and his clients.  You can read the entire lawsuit here, courtesy of Voice of OC.

What do you think vigilant viewers? Are you shocked by these allegations?  Sound off below.  We should note that these claims have yet to be proven within a court of law.

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